"Before me training sessions with Chris I felt like I would never bulk up without supplements. Now I'm much leaner and drug-free.
Sam Johnston, Ewa Beach


Guest Posing in Denver

2007 Team Universe


From day one I vowed never to use drugs... ANY DRUGS. I was raised that way and it was forever embedded in my mind by a strong family. I never succumbed to the temptation of getting bigger, stronger and harder through the use of anabolic steroids, because I convinced myself I could win naturally. I strongly believe that we can all achieve our goals if we have the true desire to do so. Because we deal with a human body and a lifestyle with so many variables, we must learn true patience. There are no guarantees when dealing with such a complex organism such as our body. In addition, our bodies have the wonderful capability to adapt to any internal or external changes that we may try to manipulate in our quest for a championship physique.

  - STATS -
  Full Name: Chris Faildo
  Born and Raised: May 9, 1966 / Honolulu, Hawaii
  Height: 5'4"
  Weight: 185lbs off season / 165lbs contest condition
  • IFBB Pro
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Distribution of Supplements
  • Co-Owner of "Hurricane Cafe & Juice Bar" inside Gold's Gym Honolulu
  • Owner of Apex Printing
  • Retired with 22 years of service with the Army National Guard

  •   - LOVED ONES -
      Parents: Edward and Jenny Faildo

    "The best loving Parents and Mentors"
      Siblings: Brothers Mark and Wade Faildo / Sister - Sherrie Faildo-Lee

    "Compassionate Supporters"
      Wife: Deborah Faildo

    "The backbone to my success, best friend and loving wife"
      Step Son: Phoenix Banuelos

    "The coolest 10 year old kid around"
      Pets: Sugar Bear & Phi Phi Girl

    "Always joyful and happy, never a bad day"

      Year Competition


      1985 Teenage Nationals
    Atlanta GA
    1st Ltwt.
      1992 Hawaiian Islands State Championships
    Honolulu, HI
    1st Ltwt.
      1993 USA Championships
    Santa Monica, CA
    1st Ltwt.
      1994 Team Universe
    Chicago, IL
     1st Ltwt.
      1994 World Championships
    Shanghai, China
    Bronze Medal
      1995 Pan American Games
    Buenos Aries, Argentina
    Gold Medal
      1995  Team Universe
    Chicago, IL
    1st Ltwt.
      1995 World Championships
    Silver Medal
      1996 Team Universe
    New York, NY
    1st Ltwt.
      1996 World Championships
    Amand, Jordan
    USA Team
    Did Not Compete
      1996 World Games
    2nd Ltwt.
      2003 Team Universe
    New York, NY
    1st Welter wt.
      2003 World Championships
    USA Team
    Did Not Compete
      2007 Team Universe
    New York, NY
    1st Welter wt.
      2007 World Championships
    Jeju, Korea
    9th Welter wt.



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